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Your recruitment campaigns in the past have probably been very frustrating. Allura Clinical is different

There is little doubt at all that having reached this page you have crossed paths with at least one, but more than likely  dozens of recruitment agents during your working life. Whilst you may have had some good experiences with them, there is every possibility that you may have been left feeling a little disappointed by the experience. We at Allura Clinical aim to change all that for you. So what is different about Allura Clinical? The biggest difference is industry experience. Our CEO, Mark Allen, has worked in the very industry we are recruiting for, with clinical research expertise spanning over 20 years. We speak the language and understand the needs of clinical research hiring managers. What better qualification can there be to identify the talent you are looking for to ensure the success of you company?

Your recruitment campaigns in the past have probably been very frustrating; lots of agents calling you, offering CVs and their ‘excellent’ candidates. Allura Clinical does not work like this. We will approach candidates that may not even as yet have thought about changing careers; you won’t just get the same CVs that all the others have collected from all the job boards out there landing in your in-tray. Careful vetting and background checks are carried out to ensure that the people we recommend, really are the best in the business and an excellent match for your company.

We would welcome a chance to discuss your hiring needs in a confidential, relaxed discussion. Click on the contact tab above to receive a prompt response and a speedy resolution of your hiring needs.

We currently have a number of experienced CRAs, Project Managers, Senior Managers (VP and Director) as well as Medical Affairs personnel already on our books right now. If you need staff for your clinical research projects, please contact us as soon as possible. The candidates we are working with are known to us personally and are not in discussion with other agents.

Please note that we work with candidates and clients from all over the world.

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