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About Allura

What Allura strives for every day, is to hire the right person, for the right position, the first time.

'I love my current job, but I haven't always done this work. I previously worked in clinical operations for over 20 years having held the posts of Clinical Research AssociateSenior Project ManagerProject Director and General Manager for a number of International CROs (Contract Research Organisations). Having worked as a hiring authority myself in the clinical research industry, I have had a lot of experience of working with recruitment companies. I always felt that the recruiters that I worked with never fully understood my needs as a customer; their objective was to place people in their files in order to make a fast buck, they never really understood what I wanted or needed.

I passionately believe that the key to the success of any projector indeed company, rests with employing the right people to do the job.

What I strive for every day is to hire the right person, for the right position, the first time. Both of our goals are the same; low turnover, satisfied customers and a fulfilled employee who stays with the company long term. In the end, the success of these key people will lead to delighted customers, repeat business and increased market share.

This led to the desire to provide an expert executive search service for the drug research industry.

The relationships that I have built over the last 20 years (and growing in numbers every day) are an invaluable resource and allow Allura Clinical to find your key professionals and leaders, quickly and painlessly. My long term successful track record in the pharmaceutical industry means that I understand the job descriptions implicitly and I speak your professional language.

Allura Clinical provides an altogether more exclusive, personal, expert and above all, honest service than you will have encountered to date. Many search consultants claim to be experts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Notwithstanding my employment history, I still work as a consultant, at Director level,  for a CRO now! That means my ICH/GCP expertise and knowledge of what the industry is working on in real time is right up to date. You won't find this anywhere else.

I very much look forward to finding you the perfect match that will contribute to the success of your company and the contentment of your staff.'

Mark Allen

CEO, Allura Clinical Ltd

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